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Our CORE Beliefs

The CORE Learning Centre is driven by the belief that each child is unique and their therapy should reflect that.

From individualized programs, reinforcers and therapist teams - everything we do is centered around providing an inclusive and compassionate environment for all of our clients.

Our highly trained team, led by an accredited Board Certified Behaviour Analyst, implements programs using applied behaviour analysis (ABA) techniques to give each client the tools to grow.

The team at The CORE Learning Centre believes in the importance of every child's family that plays in that child's development and growth. Our team works together with families to create a plan that fosters respect, support and understanding. 

The CORE Learning Centre is dedicated to bringing the highest quality of compassion based ABA Therapy to Ottawa. Delivered with understanding, empathy and care – Our team works tirelessly to create a safe space for your child to explore, grow and develop their skills.

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What are our clients saying?

“My 2.5 year old son (now 3 years old) attended Core Learning Centre for weekday ABA and respite sessions intensively for 5 months. He had an amazing time with each technician, and he especially loved Jolly’s play-based and age-appropriate approach to ABA! Now my son is thriving at daycare because he has been well prepared behaviorally thanks to CORE. So I highly recommend this awesome place to all parents looking for a safe space for their children on the autism spectrum to learn, grow, and be daycare/school ready.”

- Jane (Mom of former client)

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Starting with an in-depth intake process, our team will work with you to determine a schedule and plan that works for everyone. Then, after using evidence-based assessment tools, your child's senior therapist will work with you to design an individualized therapy plan for your child. Our team of trained behaviour technicians will work 1:1 with your child, using their interests and strengths to further develop skills. Therapists will continually take data on progress that will be reviewed by the senior therapist.


We offer a 3 month low-ratio classroom for children aged 2-5 years old. The focus of this program is on the foundational skills that children need in order to be able to thrive in a school setting. Overseen by a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst, children will learn the skills needed to maintain attention, play skills, social skills, and so much more!

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We offer respite before and after therapy sessions to accommodate our family's schedules. Our therapists use this time to pair with your child, establish reinforcers, and promote play and share skills.


In order to create unity and continuity in our client's lives, we offer parent coaching sessions to guide parent's on dealing with behaviours, skills and other situations at home. We also offer sibling sessions to help foster bonds between our client's and their siblings.

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